Shoot Me.

I was recently introduced as the Sheriff of social media for Praxis Theatre.  Love the job title, Wheeler.  So I needed a picture to go with my oh-so-articulate blog post.  One of the perks of living with a photographer is that getting a good picture is not a difficult task.  One of the pitfalls of living with a photographer is that one picture frequently turns into 5,963 pictures.  Especially when said photographer just purchased some spaceship-looking flashy thing known as a beauty dish (totally worked, btw) from Vistek.  Must’ve been a good find, too, because every employee we passed on our way out of the store commented on it (something about it being modified to fit the Elinchrom flash system…see, sometimes I pay attention).  Anyway, the point of this post is that there were far more beautiful ridiculous photos than just the one posted on Praxis and I thought I would share them with you.  Totally vain.  But it’s my blog and I can do that.  And since my live-in photographer complained about there being no mention of his hard work, this is to say thank you, Mike Last Photo.

So first I had to find something to wear.  I’m a big fan of this purple shirt, except that I never know exactly what to do with that tie up thing.

Then we had to deal with some intense flash levels.  Fortunately the light from the TV didn’t disrupt the process, so I could still watch the Leafs lose while we set up.

Next I worked on my model poses. SO PHOTOGENIC. I do a mean “Blue Steel.” Next stop, Fashion Week.

My hair is not cooperating. Story of my life.  I fight with it.  It wins.  I sulk.  And then I realize that I have 17 chins in this picture. Ew.  Oh baked goods, why do you hold such power over me?

Pointed toes.  Thank goodness the photographer’s day job is managing the photo division of a company that provides photo/video to dance competitions throughout North America.  This means he knows how to deal with pointed toes.

I, on the other hand, am in charge of throwing things.  Like this pillow.  Which, for the record, did not break anything.

And I, believe it or not, do know how to have my picture taken without making totally ridiculous faces.

To conclude, I will consider lending my photographer out for weddings, bat/bar mitzvahs, dance recitals, sporting events, web design, headshots, and, his personal favourite, pictures of boys snowboarding down handrails.  End of vanity post.  Back to regularly scheduled programming.


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