I promise there is a real post coming tomorrow, but I really felt like I needed to share this because I realized that “poop” is one of my frequently used post tags.  And that reminded me of the reason Sterling Lynch likes my blog, which is that I once wrote in a post about how I got dog poop on my hand while dog sitting.  Which reminded me of a walk I took with my friend Adri through Kensington Market the other day.  We stopped into the Blue Banana Market and I found an incredible book, one that I will soon own.  It didn’t really have a title.  Just a flocked image of a dog pooping.  And it was all artsy photographs of dog poop.  Like this one:

Happy Sunday, my friends…


6 responses to “Poop!

  1. ha ha ha It was a good outting – but let us never eat that much sushi EVER again (knowing fully I will but at least I can try to pretend I won’t make the same mistake twice…)

    • I had to go home and take a nap while I digested…and we eat that much sushi EVERY time we go out for it! I’m going to go all Jeremy Piven if we keep it up, which would be fine because I love Ari…

  2. This is wondrously hideous! And coincidentally enough, I was thinking yesterday: now that I have a smart phone, how long will it take before I delve into the happy intersection of social media and poop. As always, you lead the way … 🙂

    • I mean, I like to think of myself as a trailblazer…and speaking of the happy intersection of social media and poop, there is an app called the ipoop, which allows you to connect with other poopers. I feel like that might be a bit over the line, but I haven’t fully explored it yet…

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