The SQUEEEEE Heard ‘Round the World (or, Lois comes to visit…)

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed that Lois was in town recently.  And if you were lucky enough to Skype video chat with us (including the fabulous Amanda), you may have noticed we had a lot of fun.  If both of these things are news to you, I’m so sorry you missed out on the adventure in real time because it was seriously hilarious.

Lois gave a pretty fantastic round-up of our adventures on her blog.  Also, she’s really good at taking photos of herself with others (you know, that whole one-armed-hold-the-camera-out-in-front-of-you-my-space routine).  Amanda, who Lois stayed with, also has some awesome pictures on flickr, especially from the night she kidnapped us and took us to Niagara Falls.  In the middle of a lightening storm.  And Lois and I made a stop-motion video of our adventures while we were at the Science Centre.

Lois and I with our stop-motion video characters...

But we’ll come back to this…

So Lois basically flew across the country to hang out with relative strangers.  And, of course, to do theatre-related things.  But still, that is a leap of faith and a bold move.  And I have to admire that kind of risk-taking and the spirit of adventure that accompanies it.  Because we had an amazing time.  From the first moment to the last.  It was kind of as if we’d known each other forever–Amanda, too, and Nancy, who made a one night venture down from Ottawa.  It was like a reunion of old friends, not a get together of random internet friends (whatever exactly that means).  And what is really cool about that, to me, is that it proved the potential these connections have for jumping off the web and into the real world.  Because I absolutely value my connection to everyone on the internet, but it is, despite all technological advances, a limited relationship.  And nothing beats the real thing.

So, yes, we had an awesome week.  And we spent the last day cramming in as many Toronto tourist attractions in as possible…

At the top of the CN Tower!

I'm a Mountie! (Gift shops are fun...)

Oh yes, we did...but we weren't allowed to take pictures inside so this is the best you get!

Shaking it with the Van de Graff generator!

Hair, stand up!

I’m pretty sure that the Science Centre really solidified our friendship.  Because it was exactly like being kids again, when making friends was easier and really only required a willingness to play.  And that is exactly what we did–we played.  We giggled with ridiculous anticipation in the Harry Potter “line” (we were totally the only ones there) to the point that the lady in charge said we must be best friends or old friends.  We spent an hour making a stop-motion video and just letting our creativity take us where it would…  And we sat through an entire presentation on electricity with small children so we could play with the Van de Graff generator.  Where I told the woman in charge that Lois had to put her hand on the ball because “she is the responsible one.”

I miss Lois.  Please send her back soon, Vancouver.


4 responses to “The SQUEEEEE Heard ‘Round the World (or, Lois comes to visit…)

  1. I love you too.

    Also, I am already looking for excuses to come back and visit again. Next step: you come visit me.

    • Working on that next step! Until then I will also hunt for excuses for you to come back. Many things in the works, my friend. Although, truth be told, the real next step in my world involves a nap–why do I agree to do so many things?!?

      But seriously, I miss you. And Harry Potter. And the raccoon.

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