To all those seeking audition advice…

I have recently noticed that a lot of people are finding my blog through searches like “things to know when auditioning,” “things to bring to auditions,” “never go to an audition unprepared,” and “how to stop yourself panicking in auditions.”  To these people, I say: RUN. THE. OTHER. WAY.  This is not the place for you.  You will not find what you are looking for here.  Those of you who came from “I learned the wrong audition text” and “dog sitting poop,” you can stay.  You have come to the right place.  Welcome.

I should not be offering audition advice for so many reasons.  I can’t even begin.  But Sabrina Evertt is the Artistic Producer of 20-Something Theatre.  This means she probably has more street cred than I do.  And she has written a fabulous post about how to choose audition material.  A follow up post to some fantastic advice she offered on the topic last year.  So if you’re looking for good advice on auditioning or monologues, you should probably talk to Sabrina.  Not me.  But if you’re in it for the entertainment value, well, stick around!


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