Off the map.

Oh wait, there we are...

As a sort of foot note to yesterday’s post, I should tell you that The Photographer and I went to see PHOTOG and Studies in Motion together.  I figured he would enjoy that both production had a connection to photography and that there might be something interesting in it for each of us.  The shows were vastly different, but did share the photography connection as well as the fact that both companies are Vancouver-based. Seeing as we go to the theatre rather infrequently and we went to these two shows within less than a month of each other,  The Photographer’s immediate response to this was, “Doesn’t anybody from Toronto produce theatre in Toronto?”  Interesting point.

Of course, people from Toronto do produce theatre here.  Apparently I just don’t see very much of it.  To be fair, the places where I tend to find tickets are places where one wouldn’t expect to find as many Toronto companies, if any. At the same time, the places where I tend to be the most are also some of the biggest presenters in the city.  So what does that say, if anything?

Anyway, this prompted me to do a bit of a review of what I saw in 2010.  No, I’m not going to post a list, mostly because I am too embarrassed by how little I managed to see (apparently, internet, there are some things I won’t share), but I’ll give you some statistics:

Over 65% of the shows I saw in 2010 were by companies that were not based in Toronto.

Of those shows that were by companies not based in Toronto, two-thirds were by Vancouver-based companies.

Very interesting.  Apparently we are not, in fact, the centre of the universe.


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