Perspectives: March 19-25, 2012

I had the idea last year that I, like many of you, would try to take one picture a day for a full year–a noble ambition and one that I totally respect, but it took me no time to fail.  And it quickly unraveled after I missed that first day.  So this year I have simplified my plan–I’ll take a few photos a week (a few being more than one but not necessarily seven) and then post them with a brief explanation.  A less demanding way of documenting…and a great way to make use of those iPhone photo apps (let me know if you have one to recommend)!  So here is the first week in my “year.”

     Good morning, spider web…

      We had the wildest fog all week–I woke up the first morning and couldn’t see out the window.  Everything was white.  It was misty and still and everything had that quiet, ominous feeling about it.  Usually fog burns off over the course of the day, but this didn’t–the islands were equally invisible on the walk home.  And every morning, fingers of fog were creeping into the city, between the condo buildings and off of the lake…

As I was walking past the Music Gardens on my way to work, I noticed all these spiderwebs–there must have been a hundred of them–and each one was outline with tiny droplets of water hanging off the threads.  They almost looked like lace.  Nature is incredible.

An early season swim…     

     As the temperature rose this week and I set my parka aside, someone reminded us how hard it is when you can’t remove your fur coat in the warm weather.

     Cooper was happy to hit the lake for the first time this year after running around at the dog park.  He jumped in over and over again and would have been happy to keep at it for hours, but when he gets wet, so does everyone and everything else and I was less excited about the water temperature.  This is bound to continue from now till November…

     The purpose of patios.

A friend and I decided to catch up over beer and food on a King West patio mid-week–all reunions should happen like this.  The only flaw in our plan was that everyone else in Toronto was thinking exactly the same thing.

But it wasn’t just the patios, it seemed like all of Toronto was strolling through the streets.  We can’t tell you how amazing the people watching is the first time everyone takes to the streets without winter clothing…

Big brown dog, little brown dog.     

     I had a day off this week and managed to take Cooper to the PawsWay for a run through the agility course.  Or, rather, two hours worth of runs through the agility course.  It’s fun to see him having so much fun…plus, he is clearly exhausted after this big adventure.

     More importantly, the PawsWay has permanently installed these giant statues (there is a cat behind the dog) in front of their building and the first time Cooper saw them, he absolutely lost his mind.  My dog isn’t a very vocal guy, but I thought he might lose his bark.  I imagine his internal monologue went something like, “WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH THIS?”

And there I stood, like an idiot, in front of this building with people passing by as my dog is going nuts and I’m petting the giant statue on the nose telling it what a good puppy it is…  But aren’t you glad to see my efforts have finally paid off and Cooper has made a giant, inanimate friend?

     Book in the making.

     Finally, I had to work on the weekend, which would have been unfortunate but for Don Taylor and his bookmaking workshop.  Aside from the fact that Don is awesome, I’ve been wanting to learn how to hand-bind books for at least the last two years.  And the timing finally worked out.

      So now I have a beautiful, though imperfect, book in which to record all the secrets of my week that I will not be sharing here…

And that’s how I saw the world this week.

Reviewing all this now, it seems like a much more cheerful week than it really was, so perhaps it would be better to say that this is how I chose to see the world this week…

How was your week?


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