Perspectives: March 26-April 1, 2012

Blooming indoors…

After spending some quality time on a patio last week, Mother Nature chose to remind us of her power by blasting us with cold air all week.  While walking to work on Monday morning, I thought about how, as much as I hate it, this must be much harder for all the little buds and sprouts and spring things to endure.  When the fabulous Brian Francis and I crossed paths in the morning, he echoed that sentiment and suggested we might do a good deed for nature by knitting them all little scarves…

Can you imagine what all the little buds on the trees might look like wearing scarves? How could I knit scarves so tiny?  I spent most of my morning contemplating this…and since I couldn’t seem to take an okay picture of anything outdoors, I chose to celebrate the beautiful plants blooming in my living room.  Which, as I am not known for my green thumb, I have miraculously managed not to kill.  Yet.

Welcome to the family…

      The Photographer has a new camera.  It is pretty and much smaller than the others and takes incredible pictures and shoots video.  Was this a necessary purchase? Well, one could make an argument that it was a solid choice.  And who would I be to argue as there is a new toy in our house now?

      I am already plotting about how best to use it… We test drove the photo function with Cooper and a roll of grey seamless paper this weekend.  Cooper didn’t like that the paper was slippery to stand on, but he was fairly cooperative (which he should have been after the drama he caused earlier this week…)


     Walking home from work with one of my favourite co-workers-contemplating-dog-ownership, we passed the PawsWay to find some people hanging out by the sidewalk with dogs.  We stopped to say hello like any normal person with a soul might and discovered that they were guide dogs and that PawsWay was hosting a guide dog awareness event inside.  Complete with puppies.  Yes, PUPPIES!

     After practically tripping over each other to get inside, we were rewarded with a litter of seven and a half week old yellow lab pups snoozing on the floor inside a pen.  And my heart just melted.  Until one of the girls asked if we wanted to hold one, at which point I’m pretty sure my heart actually did melt and ooze out into a puddle on the floor.  Fortunately, it was replaced by this little butterball of love.  There are no words, but suffice to say, you can’t have a bad day when you’re snuggling a puppy.

shamrock shambles…

     Of course, it is possible to have days when you would like to kill your dog.  And this one really tried my patience.

     I came home to find my dollar store necklace from St. Patrick’s Day in tiny pieces spread all over the living room and on Cooper’s mat–note how difficult it is to look like you aren’t the guilty party when you’re lying in the evidence.  I was unimpressed but figured he was just upset that we hadn’t been to the dog park as much this week since it wasn’t as warm as the previous week.  And, while he shouldn’t be destroying things, this was pretty small potatoes, so I cleaned it up and got ready to go out for birthday drinks.

     Mike and I were out for about an hour and I came home to find one of my turquoise suede JCrew Cece ballet flats totally destroyed.  Livid doesn’t even begin.  And I know that it’s just a shoe and I shouldn’t be so upset, but I can’t replace them because they don’t come in that colour anymore.  And this is a dog who has never shown any interest in our footwear.  He’s never eaten a shoe before or even a sock.  He’s never even picked the shoes up or spent much time sniffing them.  Because if he had, I would’ve put the shoes away before leaving the house.  I could have killed him.

     Needless to say, he spent that night in his crate and we didn’t talk for about a day.  We have since made up and I have chosen not to kill him because I love him and that would be wrong.  However, he has lost the privilege of spending his days un-crated while we are at work.

     How civilized…

     In honour of my birthday, my mother decided we should go for high tea at the Windsor Arms Hotel in Toronto while she and her friends were in town.  Aside from the fact that our sitting was not at 4:00 which EVERYONE knows is the proper time for high tea, it was very nice.  And delicious.  Although I felt like I might float away after drinking a large pot and a half of tea by myself.

     Oh, and a considerable part of the evening was spent discussing plans amongst the ladies to open a brothel, since you can sort of do that in Toronto now.  Two of the ladies will be Madams, while the other will be the business manager.  My mother will be the healthcare consultant and I have been offered the position of “Sales Rep.”  I’m not a hundred percent sure about this.  Happy Birthday to me, at any rate!

Whoooo, me? 

     Mike and I hung out with this little owl at the Cottage Life show this weekend.  He had a larger friend in the other corner who had one set of talons firmly upon the mouse that was meant to be his lunch.  The trainer said he wasn’t hungry.  So what we’ve learned here is that owls are not big into sharing.

     We also met the editor of Cottage Life and Bruce Smith, who makes maybe the most beautiful canoe paddles I’ve ever seen in my life.  Seriously.  The pictures on his website don’t do them justice–they are functional works of art, although I’d be hesitant to dip one in the water for fear of ruining it.  He also offers paddle-making workshops, which Mike and I have decided is an awesome birthday present…

And that’s how I saw the world this week.  How was your week?


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