Perspectives: April 2-8, 2012

     carnage.  delicious carnage.

Mike and I rounded out our birthday weekend (his birthday was on April 2) by celebrating 40 cent wing night at the Brazen Head pub in Liberty Village.  We had an appropriate amount of fun for a Monday night at our local pub, the Brazen Head in Liberty Village.  But what I noticed about the night that prompted this image is that, while we were having a great conversation both pre- and post-wings, once they arrived at the table and before they were finished there was complete silence.  Total concentration.  You could’ve heard a pin drop.  Of course, you wouldn’t have been able to pick the pin you dropped off because do you have any idea how delicious 40 cent wings are?


     We have this giant display case at work that is supposed to be filled with visual examples of the programmes in our department–which is awesome, except that right now it just sort of has a bunch of stuff stuck in it and no order.  So, being crafty as I am, I have taken it upon myself to solve this and make our display case a reflection of all the wonderful things we do.

     With this in mind, I decided to have a crafternoon to create things for the case.  So I thought through everything I wanted to make and the connections to the various programmes and gathered my supplies up and by the time I was ready to start there wasn’t much time left to make something, so I picked a craft project from our camps programme for 3-5 year olds: a Japanese hanging fish covered in scales made of circles cut out of magazines.

     Which was awesome, but for the fact that it took me about two minutes to realize there was no way they did this craft with kids that age (or maybe it just didn’t look the way it was supposed to?). I spent forever cutting those circles out and they don’t have that kind of time and 3 year olds don’t have those fine motor skills.  But I did end up with a fish in the end, and once I found a craft buddy in one of our co-op students, it was a pretty awesome afternoon.

     Pilot & co-pilot.

     Cooper really doesn’t understand why he has to sit in the backseat when everyone else is in the front.  This wasn’t such an issue when he was small enough to sit on my lap, but these days it’s a bit more complicated.  Now he solves the problem by sitting with his backside on the backseat, his paws on the floor in the back, and his face as far forward as he can reach it.  That is, when he isn’t resting his head on Mike’s shoulder on the opposite side or letting his jowls fly out the window.  He is our navigator and he takes his job very seriously.

     We decided to take a little field trip with Cooper and the new camera to the mountain biking trails in the Don Valley.  Mike wanted to teach Cooper to run with his bike, but since his mountain bike was stolen from our parking garage a few weeks ago (Giant Glory DH circa 2006, full suspension, blue & white–reward for info or safe return), that wasn’t going to happen.  So we decided to walk it instead…

     But of course, the instant the temperature climbs into positive territory and Cooper is outside for more than ten seconds, he’s looking for water to cool off.  After traipsing through the trails, past the train tracks, and beyond the dirt jumps, he wound up chasing a stick in the river.  A good time was had by all.

Give a dog a bone… 

     I just love this picture.  I needed to run an errand on Queen West on Sunday.  We don’t venture up that way very often–it just isn’t in our regular travels–so I thought it would be nice for Cooper and Mike to come, too.  We walked up Strachan to Trinity-Bellwoods to check out the off-leash section of the park first…we are always looking for a good off-leash park.   You have to walk through the southern end of the park to get there and I had forgotten what an eclectic group of people the park attracts.  It would be an amazing place to sit on a nice day and just watch the world go by–plenty of character studies there.

      Anyway, the off-leash park is at the bottom of a hill and sort of makes a bowl.  We played for a little bit, until we were interrupted by a light rain.  As we were leaving, we noticed this giant white papier-mache bone.  Which I loved.  So we encouraged Cooper to use his agility training and jump over it.  I think the look on his face really says it all.


     This is a store on Queen West called “TYPE.”  I didn’t go inside, Mike did, but it looks really interesting.  We’re both really into typefaces and graphic design lately, so the contents of the store were interesting, but I also love the window display.  There is something about all the shades of blue that appeals to me.  I also love the idea that a rainy day might look like this–a neon chandelier with stuffed clouds and chains of paper raindrops hanging over a bunch of good books.  There is an art project in there somewhere…

Pretty paper purchases…     

     The Paper Place was the source of my Sunday errand–I needed some supplies to try my hand at bookbinding independently (I made one or two little mistakes, but I know what I should have done instead and my book still looked like a book, so there’s hope).  I’ve been in The Paper Place before, but not in years.  It is incredible.  They have the most beautiful things.  And what I really love about it is that it just suggests endless possibility to me.  There are just so many things to make…

     And, in fact, one of my latest life projects was inspired by a paper store.  But you will have to wait to hear more about that.

     And that’s how I saw the world this week.  How was your week?


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