Perspectives: April 9-15, 2012


     There are a few places in my daily travels where I’ve noticed planters with these incredible birch logs stuck into them.  I love birch trees–they remind me of overnight camp and my cottage and being out in the wild.  The way the bark curls off the logs in strips is beautiful.  It reminds me of the first time I learned to separate the “sheets” of bark in order to make a fire–and of every fire I’ve lit since then.  There is something very satisfying about the crackle of birch bark as the flames consume it.  It sounds almost like bubbling…

     As I notice these things and as the weather turns warmer, I am longing for the cottage.  Or a canoe trip.

There’s something on my chair…    

     Oh, it’s your face!

     As I mentioned previously, Cooper has been a bit emotionally needy.  It becomes incredibly obvious when he get clingy.  And this picture (which I wish was better or had been easier to take) is a total testament to that.  At 80-something pounds, he still thinks he’s small enough to fit in your lap.  And, in a small chair, it’s nothing short of hilarious.

     As ridiculous as this is, we’re grateful that he loves us this much.  Although I suppose he did make it a bit difficult to watch TV just then.

     It’s a two time kind of day…

     I’ve had a few of these recently–the double Starbucks trip kind of days.  They are either an indication that I’m overwhelmed at work or more tired than usual and, in both cases, I need some comfort.  It’s my one serious vice.  I probably shouldn’t be drinking it so frequently both for it’s impact on my calorie-intake and on my wallet, but I just can’t break the habit (nor have I really tried). It’s as much about leaving the office for 15 minutes as it is about the caffeine.  And when you consider that the alternative for leaving the building this much is to take up smoking, I suppose the mermaid isn’t so bad.

     I just love my grande caramel macchiato with lactose-free milk…we have also considered recently that if your Starbucks order is more than three words, it’s obnoxious.  I’m inclined to agree–I watched You’ve Got Mail on TV the other day (yes, judge away…) and the Tom Hanks character suggests that Starbucks was invented so that people who can’t make decisions can feel like they’ve accomplished something by making 17 decisions about something so trivial before 9AM.  They might be on to something there…

     So how do I pee?

     This one goes out to my ginger sibling in Asia…

     I wound up in Chinatown this week and required a restroom after a delicious lunch of banh mi and Diet Coke.  I found the facilities in one of those super sketchy “malls” and this was the sign on the wall over the toilet.  And I have heard tell of countries in Asia where people squat over a hole in the ground, so I kind of get it.  The part that really got me, though, was that in order for someone to put the sign up there, someone has to have done this and had something bad happen.  And the fact that they bothered with the English translation?  I’m still working this one out…

     I love Chinatown.

     puppy party!

     We ended our week with a houseguest, a lovely black lab named VooDoo, more commonly known in our house as “The Doodlebug.”  Cooper adores him but in a sibling kind of way–as in he likes him, but he doesn’t want him playing with any of his stuff or getting any attention.  The Doodlebug turned 12 this week, which is quite an accomplishment for a lab.  We’ve noticed that he’s slowed down in recent months and were feeling a bit sad about it…until they spent all of Sunday morning wrestling their way around the condo having just the best time ever.

    And that’s how I saw the world this week.  Nothing too exciting, but looking forward to a lot.  How was your week?


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