Perspectives: April 30-May 6, 2012

     Workout buddy.

     Cooper recently had a vet visit and was told that he needs to shed some pounds.  I probably also need to shed some pounds.  So I thought it would be a good idea if we tried to get more exercise together.  I decided we should start with jogging and see what happened.  And since I figured he would be faster than me, I made him wear his backpack and carry water bottles to drain some of that energy.  Funny thing about this dog, he LOVES his backpack.  I don’t know what it is, but he has very strong feelings about it–maybe because every time he wears it we are doing something fun?  Well, every time except for now when we go jogging.

     The problem with being a chocolate lab in nice weather is that you get hot really quickly.  So we started our jogging–and we’re walking a little bit then jogging a little bit.  And he is super excited and ready to go for the first few cycles of this.  Then he has clearly had enough.  He is hot and no longer wants to move but OH WAIT! WE’RE JOGGING AGAIN! LET ME RUN AND DRAG YOU! Until we start walking again and he wants to lie down in the grass.  This is the point at which I have to start encouraging him out loud and tell him what a good job he’s doing and I start to panic that I’m going to have to carry him home.  And he plods along behind until OH, THERE’S A STICK OVER THERE! LET’S GO EAT IT!

     Let’s just say we’re easily distracted.  And if this is what he looks like after 2.5 miles, you should see me.  This dog is my soul mate.

Tip-toe through the tulips.

     Spring is in full bloom.  We had one rainstorm on the weekend and, all of a sudden, leaves erupted from the trees.  It seems as if it literally happened overnight.  Aside from the leaves, the grass is growing at an incredible pace (although the weeds are still growing faster) and there are flowers blooming in most of the flower beds, including some hot pink tulips in Little Norway Park.  And I caught the most amazing scent walking by the Music Garden the other day–not quite lilacs, but something close.  It’s amazing.  For the first five minutes.  Until I realize that I keep forgetting to take antihistamines in the morning.  So by the end of the 25 minutes it takes me to walk to work, I want to claw my watering, itchy eyes out.  And I would, if I could stop sneezing for long enough.

     I’ve learned my lesson, though, about taking antihistamines from others.  Last week I took two Benadryl in the middle of my teaching day and thought nothing of it.  At the end of the teaching day, I went upstairs to check my email, have a snack, and attend to some business around the office.  And after I rolled myself in my chair to the printer to retrieve some papers because my limbs were too heavy to walk there, I decided it would probably be best if I just went home.  But the part I should have been more concerned about is that no one who saw me pushing myself in my office chair through the hallway seemed to think this was really out of character…I suppose that says something.

     Nap time.

     Cooper has become a snuggler.  He wakes Mike up every morning because he wants to go out.  But he does it by snuggling.  And once he’s been out he comes to snuggle me awake because I feed him breakfast.  And I keep trying to catch him doing it in a picture, but it’s always too dark or the angle doesn’t work or he moves or something.  Because it’s hilarious, the way he drapes himself over you and gets as close as he can and then just heaves the biggest sigh just so you know how patient he is being.  It’s as if he’s saying, I’m not going to bother you, I will just wait here until you are ready.  No, no, don’t mind me as I lie on your face and block your access to oxygen.  I can wait until you’re ready to do what I want you to do.

     And you can’t be upset because he’s so soft and sweet and it’s so funny.  Especially when, as in this photo, he is doing it to someone else.

Water falling.

     Mike really likes to take pictures of waterfalls.  And fortunately for him, Hamilton has a lot of them.  Every few weekends, he will go and check one out.  And sometimes Cooper and I will go with him.  Most of them are really cool but you have to wait for all of the other people who are there checking it out to move out of your shot.  Not this one.  Probably because we had to climb through a hole in the fence and up the stream past garbage and graffiti and dead squirrels to get to this point.  And it was kind of cool from a photography standpoint.

     But it was VERY COOL from a teenager standpoint.  I am basing this part of my assessment on the two empty six-packs of Vex we found next to the waterfall.  Because if they had been university students, they would have known that those empty bottles were worth ten cents apiece and that is drinking money, my friends.


     I don’t love this picture, but I do love the boys in it.  The one in the black top is Mike and the one in the red is our friend Darren, or Chuck.  We used to work at summer camp with Chuck and have been friends for what feels like forever.  He is a paramedic/goalie/airbrush artist for  goalie masks/guitar builder/chef/home improvement enthusiast.  For as long as I’ve know him, he’s always had some sort of project on the go.  He lives outside Hamilton with his roommate/fiancee and usually taking pictures of waterfalls means hanging out with them.

     Mike and Chuck tend to be entertaining when they get together.  They like to get each other into trouble, or to cause trouble together.  And they like to have the same stuff.  They used to have matching outfits.  Of course, now they’ve matured and only have matching cameras.  They both ride bikes, they both have diabetes, and they both like to build things.  We always have fun when we see Chuck and it’s nice to add to the millions of stories I have about these two and all their antics.  Someday I might need that kind of material for blackmail.

       And that’s how I saw the world this week.  How was your week?


2 responses to “Perspectives: April 30-May 6, 2012

  1. Pooper Dog looks 75% dead in that photograph. Give a lab a break! His mind is already running around in circles, chasing mental squirrels and the occasional stick.

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