Perspectives: May 7-13, 2012


My girl Gyles is back at work after spending two weeks in Miami/on a cruise.  So no one feels bad about the fact that she has had to return to the office and reality.  Of course, she brought this ridiculous gold phone receiver that plugs into her Blackberry, so her reality might be different from yours.  But what is really important is that, for as long as I’ve known her (which is a few years now), she has always had these nails.  Or a version of them.  The only time I have ever seen her without them was last fall when she developed water fungus on a pinky nail (apparently quite common if you wear acrylic nails…although you wouldn’t have known that from the panic attack that ensued).  Anyway, she couldn’t wear them for a few weeks and watching her attempt to accomplish simple tasks like typing or dialing the phone or texting had me pretty much rolling on the floor.  I mean, that and walking by her desk at least once a day to yell “FUNGUS!”

What is special about the nails this time around is how pointy they are.  Usually they’re kind of square and she looks less like she is about to swoop down on unsuspecting small prey like mice or rabbits or children.  I think we should all use caution around her in the office for the next little while and not make any sudden movements.

    And in case you didn’t catch my tweet about it earlier this week, in addition to being on vacation, Gyles released the first video from her new album.  You should probably watch it.

Late to the party.    

      Mike and I cleaned this week so his aunt, uncle, and cousin could come over and I discovered this bunny headband hanging around from Easter weekend.  I figured bunnies would look good on Cooper, who was clearly really happy that I had this idea.  I also dressed him up in wool socks and a scarf at one point.  And he didn’t bite my face off because he loves me.

     I don’t really have anything else to say about this aside from letting you know that our condo is now clean enough that you can hear an echo if you raise your voice a little bit.  So if you were looking for a dinner invitation to our house, this might be your week because there’s no way this can last…

     I see you!

     “Interwebs, I see your tricksy ways.  Trying to get me to waste all my time on you instead of doing productive things.  I shall resist you and go shopping instead!”

     This is the conversation in my head that prompted me to tag along on Mike’s trip to Vaughan Mills this weekend.  He was going to return a shirt.  I was going to window shop which accidentally became real shopping and resulted in me owning the same sweatshirt dress in three colours.  Don’t judge me.

    We also stopped into Bass Pro Shop while we were there and I found this grumpy looking fish pillow.  Which is a little bit how I felt all week because I was tired.  Including that kind of blood-shot looking eye.  Anyway, Mike was whining about how he wants someone to tell him what he needs to buy in order to catch fish at the cottage.  I told him that we know someone who could help him with that, but there’s no going back once you’ve asked…

Double brown dog date!    

     Meet Ned.  Ned is a four and a half month old chocolate lab puppy and Cooper’s new best friend.  SO MUCH CUTE.

     Ned was staying at my aunt and uncle’s house for a week and we had a play date on the weekend because the only thing better than one lab is two.  He is adorable and hilarious and by the time we left he was completely exhausted.  And so was Cooper, which was basically the best thing ever.  They tore up the back yard and both of them ended up covered in saliva and sand, the former courtesy of each other and the latter courtesy of my almost four year old cousin.  They just loved each other and it was so fun to watch them play together because it reminded me so much of what Cooper was like when he was that age.  They grow up so quickly…

     We also got to hang out with my aunt and my cousin, who was not pleased to be upstaged by the cuteness of puppies.  He has a new bike, a two-wheeler with training wheels, that he was riding all over the deck and the dogs while insisting loudly that we all needed to watch him.  It was a good lesson for the puppies in the form of “objects with wheels can run you over” and a good lesson for my cousin in the form of “you will fall off that bike before you move the 87 lb lab lying in front of you.”  But it didn’t end in tears, so we’ll consider that a success.

     We’re looking forward to more puppy dates with Ned (and our buddy Silas, the boxer in the back of the picture), but in the meantime we have VooDoo (the black lab) visiting us again. And just when we’d vacuumed up all that fur…

     And that’s how I saw the world this week.  How was your week?


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