2. If you give a dog a bone…

The second prompt in 365: Make Something Every Day is:

What is your favourite animal? Use this as your inspiration today.

Obviously dogs are my favourite animals.  Or at least that’s what I want the 87lb dog who sleeps next to me to think so I don’t wind up getting paw slapped in the throat in the middle of the night.  But instead of making an actual dog, I made this:

It’s made out of thin strips of paper twirled around a bobby pin to create a spiral.  The technical term for this is paper quilling.  You can make some incredible things using this technique and, though a bit tedious, it’s very beginner friendly.  If you choose a simple shape in one colour, like my bone, you basically can’t screw it up.  I would love to try making something more complex, but perhaps we will save that for later in the game.

And I didn’t realize until now that both of the things I’ve made so far for this project that was partially inspired by some guy who makes skulls have also had to do with the skeletal system.  A strange coincidence.

But really, what this reminded me of was the first time we ever really gave Cooper a bone…

For Mike’s birthday last year (and mine too, I guess) we invited a whole bunch of people over for dinner.  It was kind of a big deal; it was the first time we had really had people over since moving into our condo.  We even had a few siblings in attendance, including my brother, who was staying on our couch.  I even made a cake in the shape of a Nikon camera for Michael.  It was also Cooper’s first dinner party and, since he was still a puppy, we wanted to make sure he was really well-behaved with all these people in our house.  Since he’s a lab, the best way to do this was with food.  So we bought him a bone.

We gave him said bone after everyone had arrived, just as the giant roast beef was emerging from the oven and everyone was enjoying their eleventeenth drink.   We were having a blast.  And as the ten or so people we crammed into our tiny condo along with us consumed copious amounts of alcohol, Cooper quietly chomped away at his treat in the corner like a good boy.

It’s important to note at this point that as a puppy Cooper had a very sensitive digestive system.

So after a very pleasant evening of fun, food, and booze with friends (or so I recall…sort of), everyone left except for Mike and Spencer, my brother, and we all turned in for the night.  And it was one of those sleeps where you’re out cold the instant your head hits the pillow.  I was unconscious (okay, so the wine probably helped).  Until about 4AM.  I woke up and thought I was suffocating.  The smell of meat and poop was enough to bring tears to my eyes. Spencer must have smelled it around the same time I did because as I peeked out of the bedroom, he lifted his head off the couch only to discover mere centimeters from his big toe the most gigantic pile of dog poop I have ever seen in my life.

So the lesson here is that this is the safest way to feed our dog a bone:

I guess this craft is another step forward in my mission to top Google’s “dog pooping” charts!


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