Perspectives: May 28-June 3, 2012

     Crumbles and rumbles.

It’s kind of a running joke that I don’t go north of the Gardiner Expressway.  Which, if you aren’t familiar with Toronto, is an elevated highway that runs through the heart of downtown.  And there isn’t much space between it and the lake, but that is the little rectangle I generally occupy.  There is a debate here in the Tdot that has been going on for years about whether or not to rip the Gardiner down.  In addition to the fact that it’s an eyesore, it tends to act as a psychological barrier between the city and the waterfront that prevents people from venturing so far south (or vice versa for me).  Oh, and it seems to be falling down.  Three chunks of concrete fell off in as many weeks.  It hasn’t killed or injured anyone.  Yet.  And this is kind of a big deal because there is another road beneath the Gardiner and a number of sidewalks.  One of which I have to traverse when I do head out of my comfort zone.  And this week, as I walked north with the traffic rumbling overhead, I couldn’t help but look up to inspect the Gardiner’s structural integrity while preparing to leap out of the way should the sky appear to be falling…

Splish splash.

     And while we’re on the topic of things that are falling apart, it rained inside this week.  Don’t worry, it rained outside, too.  And the grass needed it more than my floorboards.  Allow me to explain: about two years ago, we noticed that our window leaks when it rains.  Not every single time it rains.  Just when it rains sideways…and we get a fair amount of sideways rain by the lake.

     The water drips in at the top of the window, runs down the inside, and splashes off the sill and onto anything and everything nearby.  We’ve reported this phenomenon to the building management a few times now.  They’ve come up, looked at it, taken some pictures, looked at it some more, and done nothing.  Zero.  For two years.  So when I came home last week and found water splashed all over the place, I was immediately seeing red.  I refrained from screaming at the building manager (barely) and sent an unimpressed email to him with very clear pictures of the issue.  He assures me that they will be having an engineer look at it in the next few months.  I’m going to assure him that I am my father’s daughter and will be following up weekly until it is fixed.  The joys of condo living.

     Blood bath.

     Continuing the trend…

     I don’t know if I mentioned here that Cooper hates nature and is bent on its destruction.  Seriously.  He likes to rip small trees and shrubs out of the ground.  He consumes leaves, dirt, and sticks.  He chews on tree roots.  So either he hates nature or he thinks it’s delicious.  I guess it could go either way.

     At any rate, he was a little bit overzealous in his quest for total destruction this week and, while digging up a tree root and attempting to rip it from the ground, he bit his tongue.  Hard, apparently.  His mouth just started gushing blood.  And, of course, this happened after we’d been at the park for almost an hour, which meant that he was hot and panting.  Every time he panted, drops of blood splashed on the ground and anything else in their path.  He didn’t seem upset about any of it but it wouldn’t stop, so I figured we’d better head home.

     The bleeding sort of subsided while we were walking but was back in full force when we hit the building lobby.  The poor security guard looked stunned and, as he handed me some paper towel to clean the floor (and door and walls) of the lobby, he said, “People are going to think someone died here.”  So I stuffed the paper towel in Cooper’s mouth and hauled him upstairs into the bathtub.  Where I can assure you that the blood spatter created a far more convincing crime scene than anything you’ve ever seen on CSI.

       For the record, Cooper is fine now.  But we’re still working on getting his tongue blood out of the grout.


      Ah, the Kindle.  For so long I was not sold on this device.  I liked holding the book in my hand.  Feeling the paper.  Enjoying the cover art.  Appreciating the sound of a freshly cracked spine.  But, unfortunately, I am what one might call a voracious reader and, as a result, we don’t really have any space left on our bookshelves (nevermind the library that is still living at my parents’ house).  So I caved and Mike bought me a Kindle at Christmas.

     Of course, I also bought several books before I got the Kindle and decided I had to finish those before I could buy anything on my Kindle.  I finally got through them all last month and started my first Kindle book (The Cellist of Sarajevo).  And then I finished it.  In the same day.  So I bought another book.  Right away.  And now I am HOOKED.  I don’t have to go to the store or wait for shipping in order to get new reading material.  All I have to do is go online and click “Buy” and, like magic, it appears on my Kindle almost immediately.  And books are less expensive.  And all of this is starting down a dangerous road that leads to an empty bank account…

And that’s how I saw the world this week.  How was your week?


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