Perspectives: June 4-10, 2012


I was innocently walking home from the gym this week when I accidentally stumbled into the War of 1812.  Or what sort of looked like the War of 1812 with a lot of twine, lumber, and canvas.  Apparently it was a site-specific play by Single Thread Theatre Company about the War of 1812.  Clearly, I missed that memo.  But it was kind of neat to see all of this set up in a park that was a cemetery before, during, and after said war.  A park that people take their dogs to, or people watch and picnic in, or just pass through.  It makes you think about how we encounter history in our daily lives and don’t generally stop to consider what was here before us.

Unless, perhaps, it is a known historical site. Like Fort York itself.  Which is home to this installation called The Encampment until June 24.  I haven’t actually been to see it up close and I can’t get a picture that does it justice on my phone, but the sight of 200 white tents in neat rows across the grounds of the Fort is incredible…


     Mill End was a store in Bay City that was advertised as being the most unusual store in the world.  And, while I haven’t been everywhere in the world, it was pretty weird.  Now the store has closed and they are planning to demolish the building and replace it with something that will probably be less interesting…which is unfortunate, but at least I got a nice shot of the sign first.

     I made my triumphant return to Bay City this weekend after about 2.5 years.  Bay City is a small city in Michigan where we moved when I was 9, where my parents still live, and where I couldn’t get out of fast enough.  But it was kind of nice to go back now, being far enough removed from high school that I don’t really care about any of the things I cared about back then.

     Also, Bay City has become a much more culturally interesting place.  We went to see a play at the local dinner theatre, new since I last lived there.  Bay City has always been a city that valued amateur theatre, whether by students or at the local community theatre, and The Whistling Idiots are a welcome addition. Plus, performing in this particular play was one of my favourite Idiots, Kurt Miller.  Kurt directed a show I was in more years ago than I care to think about at a time when I wasn’t feeling great about theatre or the people making it.  He restored my faith in both and is largely to thank (or blame, depending on the day) for my having pursued it.  Also, he looks great in a dress!

     Old stuff.

     Also happening this weekend was the Riverside Arts Festival, located along the river in downtown Bay City, thus the name.  Also located along the river in downtown Bay City are a number of antique stores, the oldest of which we ducked into for a while to get out of the heat.  It’s actually an antique market and there are stalls, so nothing is categorized or organized, but they have some of the most incredible old stuff.  I’m sure plenty of it is crap, but some of it is fascinating.  We actually found a huge stash of blocks for printing, although I didn’t have a chance to look for the printing press or to fully explore.  But it was really neat.  These are the kind of places you could easily spend a day sifting through and then making incredible things from that tutorial you saw that one time on Pinterest…old stuff meeting new stuff, it’s a powerful thing.


     This little gem was hanging in the antique market begging to be worn.  I have a few friends who recently got engaged and let’s just say I am dropping hints.  Because putting this on and making Mike Last take my picture in it is really subtle, I know.  But look at the size of that thing!  It’s incredible!  I want to plan the world’s tackiest wedding…but in a retro hipster kind of way.

     I can hear Mike’s head exploding from here…

     The most expensive thing I own.

     Speaking of things I found this weekend, this is what a $200,000 piece of paper looks like.  It’s been sitting in an envelope at my parents’ house since I graduated.  I couldn’t afford a proper frame for it when I graduated.  I still can’t really (those things are expensive!) but I think it might be time to frame it.  I worked really effing hard for that piece of paper and I should celebrate it.  Especially since I will probably be paying for it forever.

     Part of the point of this trip was to sift through some of the belongings I still have hanging out at my parents’ house, but that didn’t really happen beyond this.  I realized that I have no room for anything at my house and that my parents are probably not moving in the immediate future.  So all those things might as well collect dust at their house in the interim.

     All in all, a very successful trip!

     And that’s how I saw the world this week.  How was your week?


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